Frailty Training Events

Background to our training events

The initial development of the Frailty & Supported Self-Care Training has been through a Nottinghamshire-wide programme focused on improving care for older people with frailty that aims to:

  • Enable supported self-care;
  • Promote integrated assessment;
  • Foster multi-professional and multi-agency learning and working;
  • Deliver consistent education and training standards.

The programme has been funded by Health Education England (East Midlands)and its direction and development has been shaped by professionals and older people with frailty working together.  It is now being made available to other areas.

Design principles for training events


The Nottinghamshire events have been open to all staff working across health and social care whether employed by the NHS, local authority, private, voluntary or independent sector.  For the whole-day events, participants are arranged into multi-organisational, multi-disciplinary teams and work together throughout the event.  They also explore each others roles, strengths and challenges through the exercises and through networking over lunch and at breaks.


Person-centred care is at the heart of ensuring older people with frailty have the best possible quality of life for their given situation.  This is promoted through the training events by putting the older person with frailty at the centre of the training.  This is done through the stories of older people who have helped shape the training.  The stories are told through video, virtual reality, role play and "voice of" cards.  Person-centred care is reinforced through the supported self-care planning templates which use the "I" and "me" of the older person with frailty and start by asking "what is really important to me".


Three training innovations are deployed to maximise the impact of the training and its application in day-to-day working.  These are:

  • The Frailty Fulcrum which is an animated model for frailty that aims to provide a ‘common language’ for frailty that can be shared between individuals, carers and professionals.  It offers an interpretation of frailty that is meaningful, relevant and sustainable for people living with the condition, throughout their journeys of care.

  • FrailtySIM which is a virtual reality experience that enables participants to “virtually” walk in the shoes of an older person with frailty to increase understanding of their situation, help develop greater empathy, promote observational skills and mirror one of the skills for supported self-care (deploying assistive technology).

  • The Frailty Toolkit which is a web-based application that provides access to resources that cover important contextual information, learning materials that are used or signposted during training events, tools, templates and external links that can support the day-to-day interactions of individuals working with older people to promote independence.


Interaction is the final essential ingredient of the events.  Plenary presentations are kept to a minimum with the majority of time spent working in the multi-organisational, multi-disciplinary teams on a range of case-based and other exercises.  There is also time and space for networking over lunch and at breaks.

Training Modules

How to access Frailty training events and resources

We provide access to our Frailty & Supported Self-Care training events and resources in a number of different ways:

  • Frailty Training events provided by us.  These are typically commissioned by an organisation on behalf of a local area and can be customised to suit your needs but typically range from 2-hour awareness building sessions to whole-day events.
  • Through "train the trainer" support and access to the training resources required to run Frailty Training events to organisations who are wanting to run their own events.
  • By augmenting one or more of the core modules with additional training designed specifically for the local area or organisation commissioning the training. 

To discuss how we can support your frailty & supported self-care workforce development initiatives email us:

To learn more about the events run as part of the Nottinghamshire Frailty & Supported Self-Care Toolkit & Training programme, visit our YouTube channel. This features a series of short videos based on the NHS England Webinar on "Frailty: building understanding, empathy and skills to support self-care" presented by Dr Dawn Moody on 31st March 2016.

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