FrailtySIM Privacy Policy

FrailtySIM is a Virtual Reality learning tool that is designed to raise awareness and understanding of frailty, and develop empathy for those living with the condition. It is provided by Fusion48 Limited and is intended to be used as part of the Frailty360 learning modules  The App is available through Google Play and the App Store.

It does not require any personal data to be accessed or disclosed to use the app and no personal data is shared with app developers on app purchase.  As such we neither collect nor hold any personal information about you resulting from your decision to download or use FrailtySIM.  

Only aggregate information is available to us on app purchase which varies between Google Play and App store but in outline it includes:

  • Purchase date (no more granularity available than cumulative over 24h period)
  • Device type (e.g. "iPhone" or "iPad")
  • Platform version (e.g. "iOS 10.3", x.x is the most detail available)
  • Region (e.g. "Europe" or "Asia Pacific")
  • Territory (e.g. "United Kingdom")
  • Source type (e.g. "App Store Search", "App Store Browse")
  • App referrer (e.g. "Google Chrome", given where a third-party app linked to product page)
  • Web referrer (e.g. "")
  • Campaign (custom string linked to by iTunes product link URL parameter)

Google Play and App store(run by Apple) will collect information that is not made available to us.  For more information:

We may also receive anonymous information about your use of FrailtySIM if you have agreed to share analytics, diagnostics, and usage information with Apple or Google. For more information about what data is provided and how you can change your settings visit:

FrailtySIM may request access to your device’s inbuilt camera.  This is to allow a screen shot of your results screen to be taken and be available to you afterwards.  We do not have access to these images or any other information held on your device.

You may also chose to share information with us separately through the use of our websites and/or other services and these are covered under the relevant Privacy Policy.

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Privacy policy last updated 12 October 2018.

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